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 Industrie Paris 2017
The Neyret Group Neyret will exhibit during The Industry Lyon tradeshow that will occur from April 4th to April 8th 2016. It regroups the fields of equipment, components, products and services.


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Welcome in the Neyret Group

The Neyret Group is a major player recognized worldwide as one of the greatest manufacturer of special assembly and test machines. The abilities of our Group in the development of customized production solutions give advantages to our customers in terms of quality, precision, flexibility, efficiency and profitability, thanks to an accumulated know how of more than 30 years.

The Neyret Group is composed of the company Guy Neyret SA, specialized in indexed kinematic machines and industrial vision and of the company Lagniel SAS specialized in continuous motion assembly machines.

The activity of our Group is oriented towards the assembly of components from very little to little size, of all geometrical shapes and with a high production volume. Our main sectors of activities are the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, connector, electrical, automotive, writing, nuclear, green energies industries….

The Neyret Group works in partnership with its customers during all the industrialization phases until the production of the product.

The development of the Group is based on a continuous and flawless R&D thanks to exceptional abilities and expertise which enables it to offer creative and innovative solutions and exclusive processes.

The Neyret Group employs today 135 peoples over 2 production sites, Chaponost (France) and Douvres (France).

The Neyret Group

The Neyret Group covers the whole processes and industrial techniques which are necessary to its activity as the handling (cams manipulator, assembly pins, multi-functions blending, gripping pliers) the assembly (snapping, crimping, screwing, drilling, bonding, stamping,) welding (ultrasonic, induction, thermal or laser), marking (inkjet, pad printing or laser ..) lubrication (oiling, siliconizing, greasing), controls (flow, pressure, depression, volume, presence, dimension, piling, x rays, bar code or vision) .

The design, the manufacture, the assembly, the tuning-up, the validation, the acceptance, and the start-up are mastered in-house.

Our realisations stem from constant innovations. In indexed kinematic, the multi speed indexed rotating ring enables to execute operations that require a long process time without penalizing the initial production rate ; in continuous motion, the variable pitch satellite (SPV) allows a continuous introduction and eliminates impacts between the products, the synchronized satellite(SIS) and the cardioid, dual variable satellite pitch allow to increase flexibility in assembly and production speeds.

Confidentiality, know how, innovations and reactivity of our structures enable us to go with our customers throughout their project in a concern of efficiency and quality.

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GUY NEYRET SA | 69630 Chaponost | France | Tel : +33 (0)4-72-16-32-24
LAGNIEL SAS | 14440 Douvres la délivrande | France | Tel : +33 (0)2-31-36-10-40 | Contact