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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group


Lagniel is undoubtedly one of the "dominant force" in special machines mainly for high-speed assembly and test applications and especially in the world of continuous motion machine.
Vertically integrated, each machine is custom made to specific requirements.
This highly specialized technology is applied for production rate ranging typically from 150 to 1 200 parts per minute and is used in the assembly of round and not round products, high-volume production from tens to hundreds of millions per year.

Particularly expert to achieve challenges, our latest innovations optimize your products and give you the ability to meet your future technological target.
 Perfum actuator Assembly machine at 1000 parts per minute
Our clients in this area are manufacturers of disposable consumer products (perfume spray actuators, aerosol valves, lotion dispenser, trigger sprayers, pencil, roller ball, food packaging, batteries), medical supplies (syringes, IV components, blood lancing etc..) and other high-volume products for industries ranging from caps and closures to irrigation products.
Also we incorporate a multitude of complementary techniques such as:
  • crimping, snapping, bonding
  • heat or ultrasonic welding,
  • vision inspection, dimensional control
  • flow, pressure, or volume control
  • laser marking, inkjet printing,
  • siliconizing, labeling
  • supervision, etc. ...
 Lotion pump assembly machine at 800 parts per minute

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