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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group


guy neyret factory in chaponost france

1985 : Guy Neyret acquired the machine shop named SMOP specialized in grinding, cutting, stamping. Creation of future company’s standard.

  : Creation of GNSA in Oullins France engaged in design, manufacture and assembly of customized cam kinematic and test machine.

1988 : First machine for the automotive company Citroen.

1990 :  Acquisition of the factory of Ste-FOY-les Lyon and creation of the SCI. 1500m2 of building on of 6000m2 land. Investment on the 1st CNC machine.

1997 :  Creation of a industrial vision department

1998 : Winner of the Gold Micron trophy at Micronora exhibition.
First vision application for A.Raymond in Japan.

2001 :
 Implementation of Twelve 3D CAD Solidworks workstations

2004 :  Selling of the Ste-FOY-les-LYON factory and acquisition by the SCI of a factory in CHAPONOST4300m2 of buildings on a 10.000 m2 land.
Doubling the size of the SMOP, 12 CNC machines and 14 conventional machines.
Become Certified Cognex Agent.
Implementation of 8 additional 3D CAD Solidworks workstations.

2006 :  Acquisition of Lagniel SA and Creation of Lagniel SAS Specialized in continuous motion machine.
Creation of Neyret Group with a total of 110 employees

: Important efforts in R&D.
Strategic supplier of Areva, A.Raymond.
New development of indexed rotative transfert Multispeed.

In 22 years there is over 400 machines that has been manufactured for components sizes from 0, 5 mm to 100mm at rate from 1000 to 7200 parts per hour. 

  Lagniel SAS factory in douvres la delivrande france

1974 : Mr. Alain LAGNIEL creates his company as manufacturing subcontractor.

1984 :  The LAGNIEL SA (limited company) is created and starts to assemble customize machines.

1986 : Creation of DRM, Machine Shop.

1987 : Creation of D2I, Engineering firm by Hiring Mr. Yves Sango

1988 :  Achievement of the first part of the existing building in Douvres la Délivrande, and regrouping of LAGNIEL LC, DRM and D2I.

1993 :  Acquisition of the company named SETRIM located in Mondeville 14. and creation of SETRIM TECHNOLOGY

1995 :  LBO of LAGNIEL SA by Mr Paillusseau and a group of investors, who create the holding company named MACSPE.
Extension of the buildings and repatriation of SETRIM TECHNOLOGY staff in Douvres.
Switch of the Engineering Department in 2D CAD-CAM , then 3D on ProEngineer.


2000 : Creation of a subsidiary in CHICAGO, LAGNIEL inc

2002 : Prize-winner in trophy INDUSTRY 2002.
Prize was regarding of : increasing productivity and the presentation of a assembly machine running at 1000 parts/minutes.

2006 :  LAGNIEL SA is bought by Mr. Guy NEYRET, who creates LAGNIEL SAS.
Immediate investments in computers and switch from Pro Engineer to Solid Works for synergy. Yves Sango is promoted General Manager.

2008 : Important efforts in R&D, continued in 2009. Development of new concepts and innovative machines to preserve our technological advance.

In 20 years, more than 230 machines including 136 in continuous motion with more than 300 assembly and control dial have been manufactured at a speed ranging from 250 to 1000 parts per minute.

GUY NEYRET SA | 69630 Chaponost | France | Tel : +33 (0)4-72-16-32-24
LAGNIEL SAS | 14440 Douvres la délivrande | France | Tel : +33 (0)2-31-36-10-40 | Contact