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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group

Indexed Kinematic <= 200 ppm

The GNSA indexed kinematic machines are reliable, robust and very efficient, thanks to the use of the synchronized cams technology. They allow us to use a single engine to enable all movements of the machine from the rotating ring up to the manipulators.

Using a ring ensured a very high stability of the fitting in order to make precise assembly, vision testing, leak testing, dimensional check, ...., laser marking and those without vibration.

The use of this technology allows the manipulators to work from the inside to outside of the machine providing a very high accessibility to operators and maintenance personnel for all types of interventions. For more ergonomic an ingenious system of guard opening has been designed to allow full 360° access.
 Indexed Cam Machine
The GNSA indexed kinematic machines are adapted to every markets and all types of parts geometry from the simplest to most complex.
Our motto is: The product defined the process.
Indeed one of our strengths is our ability to adapt the machine to the customers’ products and concerns. As of today we have a range of 120 manipulators developed specifically to meet various requirements.
We also integrate a multitude of additional techniques such as:
  • laser, ultrasonic or thermal welding
  • vision inspection, dimensional control
  • flow, pressure, or volume control
  • laser marking, inkjet and pad printing
  • bonding, riveting, screwing, labeling, greasing, oiling, siliconizing.
  • supervision, etc. ...

Bearing assembly machine with Robot and Fifo


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