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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group

Control - Vision


We are proposing and developing all types of control systems on our machines. They are leak test (leakage, pressure, vacuum, and volume), presence, dimensional, assembly, scan, x-ray or vision tests.

For leak testing we integrate solutions from specialists in that field or we develop our own modular applications. We validate measurement, test, and control through dedicated test benches prior to incorporate the solution into the engineering.

The data acquisition is most often analog. The Data are displayed, either by Human Machine Interface or Computer. .

In terms of vision, we have to date several hundred cameras installed throughout the world on our assembly or very specific machines.

Our extensive experience in handling components at high speed allows us to answer any requests, thanks to our Vision Laboratory and this even before the project phase.
If we say we see, we prove it.

Vision allows us a control at 100%, looking for zero defects. It is widely used for products under ‘’human safety’’ (automotive, aviation, space, ...), allowing redundancy check in addition to any other process.

We also offer application in
  • Dimensional Control (measure of functional dimension, parts measurements …)
  • Appearance and Integrity (lack material, deformations ...)
  • Presence (parts, grease, oil, Marking,)
  • Compliance (in relation to references ...)
  • Colors
  • Character Recognition
  • Process deviation (injection, cutting, stamping ...)
  • Components sorting
  • Recognized as Agent and Certified Training Center Cognex, we are able to offer several levels of training internally or on customer site and at different levels from the basics to development and creation of new references

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