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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group


Building a long term partnership requires customer dedication and services. Our group is engaged in quality procedure among the most ambitious in our industry. R&D, understanding customer needs and requirements, process validation, project management in complete transparency, on time delivery, quick onsite installation, and machine reliability.
Supplier of various industries that requires ‘’human safety’’ such as medical, pharmaceutical, nuclear and automotive, we address the methods of GAMP qualification, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, SAT, FAT and CFR21 Part 11

The confidence given from various major international group reflects the succes of our our commitment.


Launching new product and new technologies require a high level of confidentiality.
The Neyret Group policy is such that very strict procedures are in place in order to respect confidentiality and privacy aspects toward their customer.

We share the mutual request of confidentiality with all our partners as our innovations are the results of significant investment

GUY NEYRET SA | 69630 Chaponost | France | Tel : +33 (0)4-72-16-32-24
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