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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group

R & D

In indexed cam kinematic , our latest innovation is the

- Multi-speed Indexed rotating ring.

This innovation is used for many applications including those that require long process time such as leak testing. The novelty resides that on one rotating ring, the pallet remains stationary in different technological time and this without altering the initial production rate of the machine.
In continuous motion, an important R & D budget has been invested with the aim of reaching an even faster assembly speed with respect to the products meaning ‘’gently’’ manipulating and introducing it.
- The variable satellite pitch (SPV) allows a continuous introduction of the components coming from the distribution systems to the dial. This innovation eliminates the impact of the goods during the transfer to the nest. 
- The cardioid is a dual variable satellite pitch. It connects two dials or transfer plates with identical or different pitch for more flexibility in the assembly. Its design allows increasing the time required during longer procedures such as component presence, dimensional checks or lubrication as siliconizing.

- Synchronized Satellite is a typical application for the introduction of springs or all components being fed through tubes and requiring a long time introduction in high speed assembly.  This new system allows a significant improvement in reliability, greater ease in setup and maintenance but also significantly increase the production rate of our machines. 
- The LMS or concept of the Evolutive CC was initiated in 2005 to meet the requirements of our customers in the scalability of their equipment to respond to market changes including increased production capacity.
It also helps to validate a process (including pharma) guaranteeing the exact continuation of this process whatever the machine rate, without the need for further validation of this process

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