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Applications technologiques

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Neyret Group

Our Ressources

With a total of 135 people the group Neyret covers all industrial processes necessary to carry on its business.

Each step from design, implementation, installation and startup is mastered internally. A rigorous project management system is in place to meet our commitments in complete transparency with our customers.

In addition, our customer service meets the requirements of our clients around the world in terms of quality and responsiveness.
The mechanical design departments are using Solidworks CAD software and are equipped with a total of 40 workstations.

The software schema from IGE is used for electrical engineering and we are experienced in all type of PLC’s, as well as advanced computer languages. In addition we have a dedicated vision department and are recognized and certified as Cognex agent.

Our machining departments have a range of CNC, conventional machines, EDM and a grinding room with temperature control on which we can hold tolerances of + / - 2 microns.
Our various assembly departments have a wide work space to respect the confidentiality of projects, and all the necessary equipment in order to validate the machine during the final tests.

We are allocating the resources, plan the purchasing and monitoring the costs through a powerful ERM, interfaced with accounting, scheduling and CAD systems.

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